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Ruth Rounds, M.A.

As the founder of Life Dimensions, Inc., Ruth is committed to individual and organizational effectiveness. She facilitates change processes, teaches and coaches.

When working with individuals, she consistently coaches to the strengths and values of each person, helping them:

  1. Be more engaged in work and life          

  2. Become more mindful and be able to work & play in the “zone”

  3. Find life and career fulfillment

  4. Experience less stress and more well-being.

Resulting in less worry and regret; more career success; more fun, contentment and happiness in life.

When working with organizations, the facilitative processes and programs that she has created are aimed at achieving effective & healthy environments. Organizations experience more highly functioning individuals and teams resulting in outstanding customer service & product development.

Ruth has over 25 years experience as a leader in organizational learning, career development and wellness. She has developed wellness and career development programs for the employees of the University of Minnesota & the University of MN Hospital, and for students & staff at the University of St. Thomas. She was an organizational learning, change management consultant and wellness specialist at Fairview Health Services. Ruth holds a M.A. degree in Counseling Psychology.

Brenda Hall, B.A., CEC

As a life coach, Brenda Hall has the ability to inspire and motivate individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds.  She believes that everyone has the answers they seek within.  In her sessions, she assists people in using their inner wisdom and gaining the confidence to move forward in their lives. Their self-confidence and heightened awareness empower them long after they successfully complete their work with her.

Brenda graduated from the Institute for Professional Coaching Excellence, as a Certified Empowerment Coach (CEC).  She has a B.A. in Organizational Communication and Management. She has been a student of personal growth, meditation, and holistic therapies over the last 20 years. She is a Registered Respiratory Therapist and has experience in the consulting industry working on health care information systems

Rick Matson

For the past twenty years, Rick has been providing one-on-one coaching to individual employees/managers as well as designing/delivering training and consulting to a variety of organizations ranging from small non-profits to Fortune 500 corporations. Prior to that, he spent 22 years in Marketing and Human Resources assignments as a manager or senior consultant at Honeywell and Control Data/Ceridian. He has worked extensively with Medtronic over the past eight years. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota in Psychology and Communications.

Key Areas of Expertise

  1. Employee development/Career systems design, training, and coaching

  2. Change/Transition management training and coaching

  3. Team development

  4. Public speaking skills

  5. Performance management system design and implementation

  6. Employee attitude survey action planning

  7. Outplacement/job search coaching and training

Anna Miller-Tiedeman, Ph.D.

Teacher, New Careering Counselor, Mediator, President, Researcher and Writer (Professional and creative). This bio reflects all that I've been led to do in my life to this point. Specifically, I have over 30 years experience with middle, high school, college students, and adults. A recent addition to my work is a Family Career Developing approach using the New Careering, and I've written four books on that topic (See below). I've taught career development in many universities including Johns Hopkins, University of Southern California, (UCSD), Los Angeles, and the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). I am the founder and President of The New Careering Institute, Inc., at the Domes and, I do special presentations around the country and recently in Norway. I have a private practice (both local and by phone). In addition, three more books are writing themselves in my head and I've set them up on my computer.

Anna’s Books:

Learning, Practicing, and Living the New Careering (1999)

How NOT to Make it...And Succceed: Life On Your Own Terms (1989)

LIFECAREER®: The Quantum Leap into a Process Theory of Career, (1988)

LIFECAREER®: How it Can Benefit You, (1992)

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